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Achieving a Perfect Treadmill Workout     

The healthiest way to lose weight is not through crash diets and sudden bursts of exercise. Fat accumulates faster but burns very slowly. Your body, if subjected to very sudden changes in food habits and rest patterns; is going to react in a manner you wouldn't like. So it is better to take it slow. With rising instances of diabetes, obesity affecting people across all age groups, especially kids, the need to keep fit and shed extra pounds has never been felt so acutely before. Amongst many methods available, a treadmill offers the best solution to burn calories as well as tone your muscle groups to help you stay in shape. There is no other solution as a perfect treadmill workout if you want to slash down on the growing calories and to keep good cardiovascular health. At a conservative estimate, you can burn up to 700 calories in an hour on a treadmill.

Available in various sizes, a treadmill can become your home based work out solution. Located in a suitably ventilated space in your home, a treadmill can be your companion for those occasions when you are working late and want a stress buster routine. A home treadmill provides you with keeping fit opportunities right in the comfort of your home. Although simple to operate and easy to use, a treadmill still requires a bit of order in exercise if you want to achieve the perfect treadmill workout. Following a series of exercises on treadmill in a pre-defined way can increase the effectiveness of exercise.

There is a common misconception that treadmills are meant for jogging and running. This although true to a large extent, still doesn't mean that it is entirely true. You can use treadmill in more imaginative ways than one. These innovations will help you break the monotony of exercising on a treadmill. A word of caution though; it is essential to consult your doctor before you undertake treadmill workout.

Always Start with a Warm-up Routine

Importance of a warm can not be emphasised enough. Exercising without warm up is like giving a cold start to your body. Your muscles, especially heart, needs a bit of cajoling into working out. This is achieved by steadily increasing the heart rate. You can start with an easy walk for about a minute at a comfortable speed and slowly increasing the speed till you start breathing heavily. After this breathing becomes regular, you can continuously increase speed.

Add Some Burden

Although with heavy body weight, it is sufficient to jog or run, but if you have reached a point where you are able to jog without breaking a sweat, you must think about adding weights on your anklets or using dumbbells while running. This extra weight will mean extra effort leading to faster burning of calories. By adding weights, you can raise the benchmark for yourself, thus achieving a perfect treadmill workout.

Uphill Climb

Use of incline in a treadmill is akin to providing difficulty level of climbing a hillside. Each treadmill comes with incline levels that you can adjust along with speed. A two degree incline with speed set to 12kmph is enough to make you sweat immediately. If you do not want to change incline radically, you can follow inbuilt program of the machine. These programs are designed to bring best aerobic effects. A mixture of speed and incline is used judiciously in these programs to give you a perfect workout. Each incline-speed combination is held for a few minutes and then changed to next set.

Reverse Walking

As the name suggests, walking backwards on treadmill is beneficial for back muscles and back of thighs. Reverse walk, tones up your leg muscles and challenges you to maintain your balance as well. This should be selected as a cool down routine. After completing a workout, reverse walking for a few minutes at moderate speed will take out kinks and tension out of muscles.

Inbuilt Programs

All mechanised treadmills come with built in programs that are excellent for you if you are getting on to a treadmill for the first time. A mixture of speed and incline, these programs provide perfect treadmill workout by increasing and decreasing heart rate alternatively.


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