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Locating Appropriate Treadmills     
If you are looking for a treadmill for your daily workout, it is better to spend some time and prioritize your requirements. The most important aspects while locating an appropriate treadmill are cost and space. These two issues must be carefully thought over before you decide which machine you will buy.

Following are the basic parts of a treadmill

  • Motor
  • Flywheel frame
  • Rollers
  • Deck
  • Belt
  • Electronics
  • Display console

Here is how to start locating an appropriate treadmill without getting too much into technical details-

Do the necessary research. Go through various fitness shops nearby and gather the information and compare the prices. If possible, go to the fitness store instead of general sports store as the staff would be better informed and will be able to guide you well.

Motor- Motor is responsible for delivering power to the belt system of treadmill. Depending on the intensity of your work out, you will be able to decide the horse power of the motor. If the intended use is just for a walk, then 1.5 horse power will suffice. It is important to choose heavier and sturdy motors as they will last longer and will not become hot while you are working out. Ideally, 2 horsepower should be fine for the domestic use.

Walking track should be long enough for you to take long strides. It should also be wide enough for a relaxed stroll. If it is shorter, you will find yourself banging your feet on the machine and you might also trip. This can be very dangerous.

Treadmill frame is usually made up of steel. Such frames are good and give good performance. Few treadmills are also made up of aluminum frame which is superior in terms of resistance to corrosion and rust, provides more strength and is able to take more user weight. Such machines are also more expensive.

Deck of the treadmill should be properly padded. Else you will end up hurting your ankles, knees or hips. So, try the machine in the store itself so that you can judge it better.

The thickness of belt in most of the treadmills is same. They are usually two ply tread belts. The size varies from 14”-24”.

Treadmill rollers provide a support to the belt. Bigger and heavier rollers are considered better as it will reduce the wear and tear of treadbelt and motor.

It is good to have a display panel which shows the distance, time, calories, speed, incline etc. But, you don’t need too much information there else it can get confusing. Also, it should be easy to set and read the values. Make sure that the electronic board is user friendly. Don’t pay extra for the features you are never going to use. Display units should aid the decision to buy a particular machine, but don’t make them the deciding criteria. Don’t get so impressed by the display console that you just forget about the other features which are of much more importance.

Don’t compromise on the quality of the treadmill. It can prove to be fatal to take a chance while exercising. It is mostly a one time expenditure and it is worth spending some extra money for the sake of your safety.

Find out about the life-expectancy of the treadmill. On an average, it maybe around 10 years. Looks out for details of warranty and how are the after sales service provided. If the warranty period is more, the treadmill will cost more.

Select low maintenance equipment. If you neglect the daily care, even the expensive ones will not last long. You have to be careful about dust as it is the main cause of treadmills malfunction. It is best to wipe the machine with a dry cloth. The floor around the machine must be kept clean.

Buying a treadmill can be very confusing and intimidating with so many types of machines available providing so many options. But, make a wise choice. Most expensive does not mean best. Decide as per your needs. Keep your constraints in mind. Don’t get carried away by the marketing gimmicks. Finding out the most appropriate treadmill on the internet is also quite easy as there are reviews available for all the products. Spend your money wisely.


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