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We all carry a level of fat in our abdominal region. This acts as a natural reservoir of energy when we need it the most. If it starts increasing, it spells all the troubles of world for you. As a rule of thumb, if you can see your toes without sucking in your abdomen and naturally looking down, you are in fine shape. However, if your girth looks like an inflated tyre tube, trouble is just around the corner.

Getting rid of this excess abdominal fat is an everyday battle fought by billions around the world. If you are also one of the warriors in the battle of bulge, then Abdominoplasty is one of weapons in your armoury and by far the most effective. Medically speaking, the term Abdominoplasty means removal of surplus fat from the abdomen region of the human body. Since it is a work carried out requiring surgery, it gets the name of Abdominoplasty.

What Do You Achieve By Abdominoplasty

In simplest terms, you will get rid of all the excess fat around your girth by undergoing Abdominoplasty. The principle purpose remains to remove, through surgical procedure, all unwanted fat tissues in your abdominal region. It is quite preferred by women in the post natal period. Pregnancy usually leaves a mot of unwanted fat around the belly. This can be easily and safely removed by Abdominoplasty. There are people troubles by excess weight and hanging bellies. This procedure is an easier way out taken by such people who do not want to or unable to undertake exercise or any dietary discipline.

The difference needs to be understood clearly. It is not a slimming procedure. If you already are anorexic and are looking to be a model with non-existent belly, then this is not for you. Abdominoplasty is basically a surgery for fat removal from abdominal cavity and not a procedure for getting slim. If you are not healthy and fit medically, this surgery can spell serious trouble for you.

Women, who are desirous of a second pregnancy, must not go for this alternative. Your body is going to need extra supplicants present in belly fat for your next pregnancy. People who are obese and over-weight can opt for it.

Consult Before You Take the Plunge

Before you buy an appliance, you ask around for its merits and demerits. Your body needs a lot more than just asking around. You need professional guidance if you opt for Abdominoplasty. Yes, you can surely ask others about experiences and hitches/hurdles faced during the procedure.

You will need to undertake a plethora of tests to ensure that you are physiologically ready for a surgery. These tests will also determine how much, if at all, fat can be reduced from your abdomen without landing you in a trouble. Finally a surgeon only can decide whether your body can undergo the procedure.

Risks Involved

No surgeon will ever tell you there are no risks involved in any surgery. These risks usually relate to your body condition and life style. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, risks increase.

Post procedure, patients often complaint about pain in the operated region. This pain could be due to any reason, least of them being a surgical instrument left behind in your tummy!

During the surgery, there is a large amount of blood loss. If you are already anaemic, you run the risk of serious complications.

If you are a diabetic there are complications involved and in all certainty you will be put on a dose of insulin or some other method to get your blood sugar under control before procedure is undertaken.

High blood pressure is another cause of worry. If it is not controlled, you can suffer brain damage or a cardiac arrest under anaesthesia.

How Much Does It Cost

After you have consulted everywhere and have made up your mind, you need to find out the charges. These vary from region to region but a procedure would generally cost between $5000 and $20,000 depending on the various types of conditions. If this seems a bit expensive do claim your medical insurance, you must check with the hospital if they offer any special deals through insurance companies.


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