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Obesity or extra fat in the body apart from making you look ugly can also increase the risks of cancer in your body. Over eating and no exercising results in the accumulation of fat in the body. This accumulated fat later results in obesity. Most of the people around the globe are suffering from obesity because of the irregular and unhealthy eating habits.

Recent studies have shown that excess fat triggers cancer growth in the body.

What is body fat?

We basically consume three types of compounds. They are carbohydrates, proteins and fats or lipids.

Carbohydrates are the first compounds that are broken down by the body to derive energy.

The second and third priorities are proteins and lipids. Proteins apart from providing the energy also provide a wide variety of amino acids that are required by the body.

Generally, Fats or lipids are not broken down immediately but are instead stored in the body for future use. These fats are stored in the special cells of the body called adipocytes. When the food intake is adequate with all the carbohydrates and proteins, all the lipids are stored in these adipocytes.

During starvation, when there are no carbohydrates and proteins available in the body, these stored fat materials are then burnt to get energy.

When we consume more than the adequate amounts, all the extra fat remains useless in the body and ultimately results in obesity.

What is Cancer?

Our body is made up of millions of cells. These cells are the basic building blocks of the body. As and when the old cells are worn out they are replaced by the new cells. This entire process is controlled and guided by the DNA present in the nucleus. But sometimes, because of varied scientific reasons new cells start forming even when there is no requirement. These cells grow and divide uncontrollably. As a result, they form a mass of cells called tumor that interferes with the normal activities of the body. This condition is termed as cancer. Cancer can be of two types- Malignant or Benign. Malignant cancer is considered to be a dangerous one as in this case few of the cancerous cells enter the circulatory system and start invading new tissues. Where as Benign cancer on the other hand has tumors present only in the affected region. These are considered to be less lethal and can be removed by surgical methods.

What is the link between body fat and cancer?

Scientists have known for several decades that obesity kills in several ways like by causing high blood pressure, affecting heart functions and also by causing Hepatitis B. But recent studies have shown that fat cells can also cause cancer in a person. Scientists have found that the majority of the older women who are suffering from breast cancer are obese. This is assumed to be because of the higher levels of estrogen in the obese woman. In the older women, after the menopause is stopped the production of estrogen in the body is taken up by the fat cells. The high estrogen levels in the body produced by the fat cells are considered to be the main culprits for triggering the growth of the tumors in the breast.

Apart from this, these fat cells also cause other cancers like colon, uterus, colon, kidney, esophagus, pancreas and gallbladder cancers.

Several scientists have come up with other assumptions related to this. One of the assumptions says that these fat cells produce several hormones and chemical messengers. These hormones and chemical messengers when present in lesser quantities are not harmful. But incase of obese people the amount of the production of these hormones and chemical messengers is very high and is considered to trigger the growth of the tumors in the body.

Another study has reported that Vitamin C is altered by the fat cells so that it forms cancer forming agents in the body.

How do I stop this?

The only way to stop this is to cut down the fat levels in your body. As it is said that prevention is better than cure it is always better to prevent cancer by burning the fat in your body. Fat levels can be cut down by having nutritious and fatless foods and also with the help of regular cardiac exercises.


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