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The relationship between calcium and weight is that of opposites. These two are relates inversely. There is ample research available in public domain to prove the same. In plain words, if mathematical formulae stump you, understand that intake of calcium can reduce weight. More the calcium you take; lesser the weight. This does not imply that you should start taking copious amount of calcium intake if you intend to reduce weight. We all are aware of the fact that calcium is very important in maintaining the health of your bone but the concept that calcium intake can reduce your weight can sure flip your switch.

Before you start on that calcium rich diet, there are a few things you ought to know. These include:

Mechanism with which calcium controls weight gain or loss.

What kind of diet you need to increase or decrease calcium intake.

What are the best available supplements that provide you with necessary calcium intake without any side effects.

An exercise plan to ensure that your calcium intake is easily absorbed by the body in a metabolic process.

Once you have a satisfactory answer to these questions, you can start upon a balanced calcium intake plan to help you achieve that flat belly and fat less shoulders.

It Is Just Not Your Bones That Need Calcium

Calcium works at the very basic level. It affects the metabolic properties of fat storing cells making them store more fat or release more fat. A number of lab rats and guinea pigs have undergone controlled tests to prove that this actually happens. After a number of lab tests, researchers have concluded that intake of calcium and weight is inter-related.

The method in which calcium acts on cellular level is inverse in nature. This means calcium intake is lesser; we will tend to have greater weight. Conversely, if we increase calcium intake, it will hasten the metabolic rate making cells to release fat faster, thus reducing weight. A greater consumption of calcium is an indicator to the metabolic system that body is well nourished and there is no requirement to store extra fat. This leads to burning of extra fat easily.

Calcium intake is important not just for the single reason that it helps you reduce weight. There are ancillary benefits attached with calcium intake as mentioned below:

It will reduce your craving for that ice cream or that jumbo burger. It has been proved that a combination of magnesium, high calcium, vitamin C and potassium helps to quickly reduce cravings.

If you have greater calcium intake, chances of formation of kidney stone are quite low.

HDL is known as good cholesterol and calcium intake enhances its presence in blood stream.

Threat of colorectal cancer is greatly reduced due to healthy calcium intake.

Since it strengthens bones, risk of a fracture is greatly reduced.

Common blood pressure problems can be overcome with a healthy intake of calcium.

Old age brings with it the nightmare of bone loss. Calcium intake can greatly thwart this.

Modify Your Diet to have Sufficient Intake of Calcium

On an average, about 600 – 700mg of consumed by an average American everyday. This intake is sufficient in most cases but there are a large number of people who score much below this level. Intake of calcium can be easily increased by including raw cheese, yoghurt and other milk products in your diet. In addition, sea food available in the form of canned sardines and Solomon is a good source of calcium.

You can even think of certain calcium supplements. Citrate of calcium is best form of supplement. In addition calcium phosphate, calcium gluconate, calcium carbonate etc are some of the other supplements. Oyster shell calcium should be avoided as it may ne contaminated with some heavy metals.

A binge on calcium and supplements is strictly not advisable. You need to offset it with other nutrients that help in absorption of calcium. Vitamins A and D, magnesium, manganese, boron, potassium etc. are good absorption agents.

Manganese and boron available in natural fruits are also important supplements. Apples, almonds, pears, legumes, green vegetables contain boron and buckwheat, ginger, oats contain manganese. If you follow these simple methods, you will find calcium and weight to be working in opposites.


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