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Calorie Savings Will Save You from Fat     

In the modern times, with the changing life styles, there is a phenomenon that is now being recognised. It is simply known as the phenomenon of over eating. With better pay packets and better spending power, people are eating more than what they were a few decades ago. Notwithstanding the fact that it is leading to a global food shortage, there is an added down side to this phenomenon. Due to this increased habit of overeating, people are becoming fatter. Calorie saving capacity of people all around the world has increased like never before.

It is a global phenomenon and is more associated with a sense of well being as well as responsibility. Sense of well being makes you order more than you need and sense of responsibility makes you finish all that is there in front of you because you do not like to waste food. What this is doing to your body is can’t be seen quickly. All the calories saved by your body will manifest them at a later stage when your metabolism slows down due to age.

A study has shown that people are satisfied with small servings as much as people who are given a large serving. It is a biological fact that you need to eat in such a manner that your stomach does not feel overfilled. Food you take must sit lightly in your stomach. Thus a number of people ordering large servings are more of a mental thing than appetite. They feel the compulsion to be seen as people with high spending power as well as with large appetites. All this actually does is store enough fat in your body to last you two to three meals. Probably we need to take a lesson here from animal kingdom. Most animals do not hog. They only eat as much there body permits and some like polar bears go without food for months altogether. We are not polar bears and we do not need to store calories for hibernation.

Say No to Saving Calories

If there is one disorder that is spreading faster than an epidemic, it is obesity. In countries like US and UK , obesity, especially amongst children, is a major problem. Although it is not killing people, it is bringing in an assorted bouquet of related diseases that you spend a life time to correct. Diabetes, hypertension, fatigue, heart disorders, weakened bones are a few very common diseases that come like a bonus with obesity.

What we need to do is fight this obese monster. It does not mean that you stop eating everything and anything. What it definitely means is that you eat wisely. Apart from eating wisely, burn those extra calories and be the one to defeat obesity that can cripple you. If anyone thought that eating frugally and surviving on water will help you fight calorie saving, could be far away from the truth. If you have a tyre tube kind of formation around your waste, you need to act immediately. Start with eating a balanced diet. Your diet should contain lesser saturated fats and should have more proteins and carbohydrates for easy calorie burning.

Junk foods contain enough calories to turn you obese within a few months. Say no to junk foods and stick to health foods instead. Have a greater intake of fruits and natural foods that contain lesser calories. There is enough information available on various forums where you can find out calorie count of different food items. Absolutely avoid deep fried food. All that oil soaked up by the food during frying is going to find a place in your system in the form of bad cholesterol. You do not want arteries choked by cholesterol.

Do not indulge yourself in large servings every time you feel a bit of hunger pang. Most of times, a glass of water will suffice than a large helping of French fries. On an average, your meal should contain 80-90 calories ideally. Most people do not know about this. A single helping of cheese cake is 130-140 calories which is much higher than you actually need. So what do you do with those extra calories? Burn them off by exercising regularly.


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