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Getting Slimmer Needs a little Thought     

When it comes to weight loss, dieting is the most preferred method employed by people. Although dieting helps, but how much to diet and what type of diet to take, is often neglected.

Concept of dieting is mainly associated with reducing your calorie intake. Your body needs a specific number of calories every day. Going below that level is dangerous and can lead to severe complications. When you embark on a weight loss mission, suddenly reducing your food intake to very low levels can be disastrous. On an average, you must target reduction of one pound per week.

With better pay packets and better spending power, people are eating more than what they were a few decades ago. What they eat mostly is junk food. Junk foods contain enough calories to turn you obese within a few months. Say no to junk foods and stick to health foods instead. Have a greater intake of fruits and natural foods that contain lesser calories. There is enough information available on various forums where you can find out calorie count of different food items. Absolutely avoid deep fried food. All that oil soaked up by the food during frying is going to find a place in your system in the form of bad cholesterol.

Co-Enzyme Q10 & Fat Loss

A natural level enzyme that can immensely help you in weight loss is Co-Enzyme Q10. Abbreviated as CoQ10, Co-Enzyme Q10 is a fat soluble enzyme that plays a major role in absorption and usage of oxygen by our body’s cells and has shown a lot of promise in research as well as actual trials concerned with weight loss. It is an efficient anti-oxidant that assists our body fight against harmful free radicals. These free radicals often lead to serious diseases like cancer or heart problems. Produced naturally in our body, it is found abundantly in broccoli, fish, red meat, eggs and grain. Liver, Pancreas and heart are known to be main repositories of this enzyme.

Although manufactured by body, its density starts decreasing as we grow older. Particularly after 30, a considerable dip is seen in the density of this enzyme. Amongst its varied utilities, chief is energy production and strengthening of our immune system. Athletes who take to body building find a lot of benefit from this enzyme. A fighter against many diseases like heart failure and diabetes, this enzyme has proven track record when it comes to protecting our immune system. Once secreted, it increases flow of oxygen rich blood to heart thus preventing cholesterol build up. Thus it indirectly helps in fat loss, which ultimately is beneficial for weight loss. A number of studies conducted on obese people have shown that they possess lesser levels of CoQ10.

All good things do have a drawback and nothing is perfect. Co-Enzyme Q10 and fat loss are not possible for a person diagnosed with thyroid condition. However, in normal people, this enzyme helps in increasing metabolic rate by a considerable amount thus leading to fat loss. Since it is a fat soluble enzyme, it gets absorbed in fat anywhere in the body. This dissolution in fat is quite helpful as it makes the chemical bonding of fat quite week. Thus a little effort by exercising will make this fat easily prone to dissolution. This effectively reduces amount of effort required to get rid of stubborn fat from body. A moderate effort of exercise is still required though.

Once you reach 30, it is pertinent to change your eating habits since body is at greater risk from free radicals. Since after 30, production of CoQ10 also starts slowing down, you need to start taking exercise regularly. Being a soluble enzyme, it is quite useful in conditions where nerves get bound to each other due to blood clotting.

Being a product of our own body, this enzyme has not been reported to bring any side effects. Many health clubs include CoQ10 based products to their clients who are desirous of losing weight effectively and without any side effects. It is ideal if you go to a health club and they offer you enzyme based products as exercise supplements. This approach is very effective and can make Co-Enzyme Q10 and fat loss synonymous for you.


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