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Starting weight loss program with non professional advice is a harmful trend and can cause you serious harm. Rather than reducing weight in a controlled manner, you could end up in a hospital with serious disorders. It is therefore quite important what method and what approach you take in reducing unwanted fat from around your body. It is prudent to seek professional advice. Find out about your body type and metabolic rate before you take a plunge.

The safest bet is to go natural. Pharmaceutical products might not suit people on numerous occasions. In case of natural products, chances of an adverse effect are between far and few. This is not to say that all pharmaceutical products are bad. There are genuine products that help you achieve goals effectively and without any trouble. One such product is Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

If you feel bothered by all those layers of fat surrounding your body, CLA is the answer to your prayers. If you have the desire to get back in your college clothes, CLA is your answer. If you are tired of being butt of all fat man jokes, CLA will help you become slimmer and turn the tables on others. This over the shelf product has come like a breath of fresh air for people stuck in weight loss programs and not reaching anywhere. Clinical trials have shown CLA to be most effective in cutting down layers of fat from human body. It is a type of supplement that you can buy over the shelf without any prescription. The best part about this supplement is that it selectively attacks fat and preserves muscle in its original form. Working at a faster rate, CLA can work efficiently at fat reduction better than any other weight loss product. At a recommended dosage of at least 3 - 4 grams per day it will show its results in no time. In a clinical trial, it was found that people taking CLA had six pounds less weight compared to people not taking CLA.

The approach in weight loss focuses on stopping smaller cell from becoming fatter and not to make fat cell smaller. Starting a dieting program, you are only likely to make fat cells smaller. Effects of this can be easily seen when you stop dieting. However, supplements like Conjugated Linoleic Acid ensure that you gain muscle instead of fat. As an added bonus, this supplement can even bring down blood sugar level and easily cuts down the bad cholesterol. This effectively means that you can safely start taking this supplement even if you are diabetic or have a higher cholesterol level. It is prudent to take advice from your physician though in such cases.

After a lot of research, various benefits of Conjugated Linoleic Acid have been documented and are listed below for your benefit.

It works at the basic level making your metabolism more efficient. This is really good news for patients with thyroid problem who want to go for weight reduction.

It attacks fat and preserves muscle, thus indirectly enhancing rate of metabolism. Due to enhanced metabolism, our capacity to burn fat faster increases helping in weight loss.

Few people suffer from serious problem of high insulin resistance in which case it can be used to lower this resistance and thus helping in controlling the weight.

Other than enhancing metabolic rate, this supplement also strengthens our immune system thus providing protection against many diseases.

Thyroid patients are mainly bothered by adrenal imbalance and hormonal shifts. Conjugated Linoleic Acid, when administered in controlled environment, can reduce this problem.

This is one effective solution for people suffering from high cholesterol levels. Apart from bringing down cholesterol levels, it cuts down HDL, which is the bad cholesterol.

It is quite easy to understand that after reading all these benefits and almost nil side effects, you will want to include CLA in your weight reduction program. Best part about CLA is that it can be purchased over the shelf without any prescription. Available in form of capsule, it is recommended to be taken in a single dose of 3400mg for it to show any visible results. Just add this to your weight loss programs and enjoy the benefits.


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