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Cost of Lap Band Surgery     

The modern approach of dealing with obesity is by Lap band surgery. This surgery is a painless way of adjusting the size of the stomach to control the food intake levels of the patients. This surgery is accepted worldwide and has become famous because of its advantages over other surgeries. About 200,000 lap band surgeries are performed round the year.

What is a Lap band surgery?

Lap band surgery is generally performed to help in the process of weight loss. This surgery is specifically designed for obese people. It is a less painful way of controlling the food intake levels by a person. A lap band is used to make a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. A lap band has a silicone belt and a port connected by a tube. The belt is placed around the stomach with the help of few sutures and the size of the pouch can be adjusted with the help of the port. This port is placed underneath the skin in the upper part of the abdomen. The size is generally adjusted by introducing the saline into the connecting tube through the port. The belt can be either inflated or deflated with the amounts of saline that is being introduced into the tubes. This can be done even after the surgery.

Why is lap band surgery preferred over other surgeries?

Lap band surgery involves less pain and is completed within very less time. It may hardly take an hour to complete the surgery. It is a reversible process. The band can be easily removed after the patient loses weight. This surgery does not involve either cutting or stapling of the stomach. Very less damage is done to the anatomy of the stomach. The functions of the stomach are not altered. The patient need not stay in the hospital for much time. Other than this, adjustability of the band is possible with this surgery.

How much does it cost for this surgery?

The total cost of theLap band surgery includes all the services that will be provided to the patient while his stay at the hospital. The patient will have to pay for the following things

Surgeons: Generally a team of two or three surgeons will perform the operation. The fees for each surgeon may also differ. It generally depends on the efficiency and the fame of the surgeon. Highly experienced surgeons would obviously cost more.

Anesthesiologist: An anesthesiologist will also be needed during the operation. The total cost would also include his fee.

Operation room cost: The patient will have to pay the cost of the operation room also. This will depend on the reputation of the hospital and would differ from hospital to hospital.

All preoperative evaluations: The patient may have to undergo few preoperative tests for confirming that it is safe for him to get operated. So, the costs of all these tests and evaluations will be included in the total cost.

Lap Band implant: The patient will also have to pay for the lap band implant. This implant is the device that is implanted in the upper part of the stomach. It is made up of a silicone belt and a port. It will be provided by the hospital itself. Patient need not take any pains to buy it from some where else.

Ancillary charges: The charges of the medicines and the drugs will also be included.

Two nights at a 5 star hotel: The patient may have to include the costs of the hotel if he is not a local candidate. Sometimes these facilities will be provided by the hospital only.

Transportation to and from the airport: If the patient is not a local candidate, the costs of the transportation to and from the airport will also be included.

Fill adjustments and follow up care: Extra charges for the fill adjustments and the follow up care would also be added. This will differ from hospital to hospital.

The overall total cost of the lap band surgery would go up to $1000 in U.S. This cost may again differ from hospital to hospital and may also differ among different countries.

 Is this surgery covered by the health insurances?

If you are undergoing the surgery in the same country then this may be included in your insurance. It may not be possible if you are not undergoing it in some other country.


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