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Extra fat in the body does more harm than good. And this has been scientifically proved. People who weigh more than the normal weights are the victims of several dreadful life taking diseases. A wide number of diseases are assumed to be linked to obesity in one way or the other. Obesity can lead to several diseases like heart related diseases, diabetes, hepatitis B, cancer, etc.

A recent survey has proved that 2 out of 3 people who are diagnosed with diabetes are obese. So, if you are diabetic then it is better that you should start losing weight. A diabetic patient should be very careful about his food intake so as to maintain the correct glucose levels in the body.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes which is known as Diabetes Mellitus in medical terms occurs because of abnormal body metabolism. Our body needs a hormone called insulin to maintain the levels of glucose in the body. Insulin encourages the glucose uptake by the cells from the blood. Then this glucose is stored as glycogen in the cells and liver. When there is insufficient insulin in the body, cells do not take up the glucose from the blood. As a result the amounts of glucose in the blood rise. This condition is termed as Diabetes mellitus or commonly known as Diabetes. Diabetic patients become vulnerable to conditions like hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis or nonketotic hyperosmolar coma, Cardiovascular disease (doubled risk), chronic renal failure, retinal damage (which can lead to blindness), nerve damage (of several kinds), and micro vascular damage if the glucose levels are not controlled. All the diabetic patients suffer from poor healing of wounds.

Why should I lose weight if I am diabetic?

A person’s diabetic condition worsens when the weight factor is not under the control. An obese person is more vulnerable to diabetes type II. People who are overweight sometimes experience a problem called insulin resistance, where in the insulin is not taken up by the cells even when its production level is normal. This will lead to diabetes. Diabetes caused because of insulin resistance is termed as diabetes type II. This is the reason why people who are over weight have more chances of suffering from diabetes. This insulin resistance can be controlled by losing weight.

How can a diabetic patient control his weight?

Incase of a diabetic patient it is must to have a controlled life style. It is always better to consult your doctor before taking any action. After consulting the doctor make a diet plan that would help you in losing weight. Though a person is taking an insulin therapy, a good diet can further help in managing the blood glucose levels in the body. Now, it does not mean that in order to lose weight one should starve. By starving, all the necessary elements for metabolism are not provided to the body. This may in turn welcome few other diseases because of the nutrient deficiencies. A perfect diet would be one which would provide all the necessary nutrients needed by the body and at the same time have fewer calories so that these calories do not ad up to the weight of the person. Few of the diet tips for diabetic patients are mentioned below.

Say no to fad diets- Fad diets or crash dieting may cause havoc in case of a diabetic patient. If meals are skipped in between, the blood glucose levels in the body alter which should not occur in case of a diabetic patient. So taking meals on right time is a must.

Less calorie food- Eat food that has all the nutrients that are required by the body but make sure that it has fewer calories.

Say no to snacks- Few people come under an illusion that continuous snacking helps in maintaining the glucose level. Snacking will only lead to extra weight gain which is harmful in case of diabetics. So, it is better to avoid snacks completely. This way you can keep a check on your weight.

Curb your cravings for sweets- People who are diabetic have a strong craving for sweets. But intake of sweets increases the levels of glucose in the body. So, try curbing your cravings by tricks like walking, brushing the teeth, etc.

All the above tips will help in the weight loss of the diabetic patients.


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