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It is a known fact that the present generation prefers to maintain a perfect body without those extra fat cells beneath their skins. People irrespective of their sex are keen on shedding the extra fat to look perfect. But a majority of them prefer unhealthy and risk oriented methods to get rid of that extra fat. Few such methods are crash dieting, popping in pills, exercising without any guidance etc. These methods are very risky and cause many health problems either in the short run or in the long run.

So, it is very important to guide today's youngsters about the best ways of losing fat that have least or no effects on their health. Fat can be shed off either by reducing the calorie intake or by burning those extra calories by exercising. Reducing the calorie intake does not mean starving. Starving reduces the metabolism rates of the body as there is no intake of carbohydrates and proteins also. One should consume only the required amount of calories per day that mostly included carbohydrates and proteins. It is very apparent that this method involves lot of complexities so the best mantra is to exercise and lose fat. With the help of these exercises body becomes fit and flexible apart from losing the fat. Losing fat by exercising is not only fruitful but also hygienic in very aspect. You can eat to your heart's content and at the same time can burn those extra calories by exercising.

Why should one prefer exercising to lose fat?

A majority of the people think that fat is converted into protein by exercising which is absolutely a misconception. Fat is not converted by exercising but in fact is shed off completely. To exercise, you need a large amount of calories which are provided by burning the fat that is stored in the body. So, all the extra fat is burnt off in this process. Though this process is time taking it is very effective when compares to the other methods.

What kind of exercises should one prefer to lose fat?

There are few exercises that help in losing fat and there are others that help in strengthening the muscles. So, one should be very careful while choosing a right kind of exercise. Few of the exercises that aid in losing fat are mentioned below.

Brisk walking- Brisk walking is considered to be the best exercise for women and aged people. Walking for about an hour a day can shed off all the extra fat that is stored in the body. One should prefer walking on sand, fields and woodlands. It is better to avoid walking on tarmac as it affects joints.

Swimming- Swimming helps in burning a large amount of fat in no time. This particular exercise has no effect on the joints.

Aerobic Dancing- Aerobicdancingis fun oriented and also a very effective way to burn the fat. It can be done either at home with the help of aerobic videos that are available in the market or by joining an aerobic center. The latter needs investments so it is better to opt for the former.

Playing outdoor games- Playing outdoor games like golf, football can also help in burning the fat. This is the best way of losing fat in case of youngsters. This way they can have fun and at the same time can get rid of the fat.

Jogging- Jogging everyday can also help in losing the fat.

Bicycling- It is also a good kind of exercise to burn fat easily. Bicycling for about an hour can burn about 500- 1000 calories.

Racquetball: Very effective cardio exercise that burns about 800 calories in an hour.

Rock climbing: People who are interested in outdoor activities like rock climbing can burn fat apart from having fun. Rock climbing needs a very large amount of calories and the areas around arms and legs are mostly concentrated. Nearly 800 calories can be lost in an hour by rock climbing.

A most important fact to be kept in mind is that exercising vigorously burns carbohydrates instead of fat cells. So, one should exercise at a slower rate for much time to burn fat.

One should perform these exercises in the morning when the glycogen levels are low in the body. Therefore, fat gets burnt instead of glycogen and this way you can easily lose your extra fat. So, exercise and lose fat to have a perfect slim body.


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