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The number of obese people around the world had increased tremendously from the past few decades. The major reason beyond this is considered to be an increase in the food intake levels by every one. In a hurry to reach office, people either end up having much or take unhealthy fast foods. Either of the things results in obesity. To prevent this, it is utmost important to eat in right portions. So, one must decide the food portion size that has to be consumed to maintain a well balanced diet. If you are observing an increase in your waistline or body weight, then its time for you to check your food portion sizes.

Basically we need carbohydrates and proteins for energy production. And the fat that we consume is stored in special cells called adipocytes. When our body is starving and is deprived of carbohydrates and proteins these stored fats are burnt to produce energy. If we are consuming more than the adequate requirement and not taking any pains to move our bodies to burn even few calories a day, all these fat cells grow in number adding weight to the body. If this process continuous, very soon a person will become obese. So, one way to prevent obesity and to lead a healthy normal life is to control the food intake.

To maintain a healthy life one must know how much exactly to eat. Eating less is better than taking pains later to burn those extra calories that were earlier consumed. Eating less does not mean that you should starve yourself. Whatever you eat should be adequate enough for your metabolic activities. You can approximately estimate the quantity of the food that you are consuming in the following way.

A single serving of vegetables or fruits must equal the size of a woman’s fist or approximately must be of the size of a baseball.

Half cup of any ingredient like cooked or uncooked vegetables or fruits or cooked rice or pasta must approximately be of the size of your rounded hand.

A single serving of meat or fish or poultry or pork chop or chicken breast must be of the size of a deck of cards.

A quarter cup of dried fruit or nuts must equal a golf ball or a large egg.

Half cup of ice cream must approximately equal a tennis ball.

A small baked potato must be of the size of a computer mouse.

One serving of pancake or small waffle should be of the size of a pancake.

One teaspoon of peanut butter should equal your thumb tip.

A single serving of cheese must be equal to a six dice.

A serving of fish must be equal to a check book approximately.

This way you can visualize the exact amounts of food that should be consumed. Hence, you will be able to consume right food portion sizes without any extra calories.

One must be very careful while serving food to the kids also. Over serving of food or inappropriate quantities can make your kid obese. So serve exact food portions to your kid to ensure that he gets adequate calories.

Tips which help in the intake of less calories:

When you feel like having a burger or pizza, go in for smaller ones rather than the larger ones. This way you will be happy and at the same time will consume fewer calories.

Try sharing your food with others, this way you will consume less.

Always go in for the smaller portions of the food when you are eating out. This would be very helpful.

When you feel like eating chips or snacks, pour them into the bowl instead of eating them directly from the packet. This way you will know how much you are eating.

When you are eating out make sure that you avoid high calorie food like mayonnaise or cheese. Before ordering, make sure that the item has less or preferably no mayonnaise or cheese. If you like them, then go in for half the quantities than you usually eat. This way you will cut down at least few calories.

So, before consuming make sure that your food portion sizes are right to prevent obesity and also to maintain a good health.


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