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Weight Loss through Healthy Diet     

Yes it is possible to lose weight if you have healthy diet and regular exercise! This is no secret that junk foods only add to your midriff. Healthy diets, on the other hand, work to get rid of extra fat. You will find a number of recipes in this article that will help you prepare healthy food. These recipes are designed with calorie values that suit you best for weight loss. One word of caution though, since these are healthy diets, does not imply that you over indulge. Moderation is still advisable.

It is important to keep the metabolism working through out the day. It tends to slow down after a long day of wakefulness. Moderate exercise will keep it working and you will burn calories. The best kept secret of wellness industry is that you burn maximum calories when asleep.

Missing a meal is like telling your metabolism that you do not need any energy. You miss meals regularly and you will find that your metabolism will slow down and your body will start storing fat instead of burning it. Do not skip any meal!

If you like mayonnaise, make a low fat version with a teaspoon of Dijon mustard or stay sauce with low fat yogurt. It is a refreshing and a low fat diet.

Stick to white meats instead of red meats. For a tasty meal, stuff capsicum or zucchini with fillings of minced chicken or fish. This will give you a tasty and low fat food.

If you like muesli, take non-toasted instead of toasted muesli as it is low in fats.

If you like eating fruits, do not discard their skins. For example, apple skin contains essential vitamins and fibre.

Take pita bread and add salad filling in the centre. Roll it up and eat this light and nourishing food.

If you are going to go on a diet plan or starting an exercise regime, consult your physician before you do so. Take a measure of your health to decide how much effort you can make.

There are a few things that you must always keep in mind when preparing your recipes. Ensure that the amount of fats, salt and sugars are at their minimum. You can always choose to use the non-fat yogurt instead of cream. Stir fry foods without oil and in place of salt you can use herbs and spices to add taste to your food.

You can always use chicken stock when stir frying as this will cut down the hidden fat and keep your calories balanced according to your needs.

To kick start your metabolism; take a glass of warm water with lime juice added to it. Have it at least an hour before breakfast. This will help you get your metabolism going as well as prevent any constipation episodes.

As a matter of rule, the food that cooks fast, will digest fast and will be broken down by your body even faster. This does not imply that you look for fast foods!

If you like your egg in the morning, have it without yellow portion. Yolk contains more fat and calories than a glass of milk and spoonful of cheese.

Your protein requirements can be easily met with proteins derived from soya and tofu. You do not have to necessarily derive them from meat and poultry products. In fact, all legumes including lentils and beans are rich in proteins.

Exercising alone does not help as much as working out in an environment where there are more people like you. The peer pressure will help you achieve better standards and availability of a coach will help you follow your regime correctly.

While shopping for food items, concentrate on foods that are low in fat and rich in fibre. All food containers display the calorie content, so you can easily decide what to pick from the shelf.


Your body is your ship and you are its captain. You decide the voyages to take and courses to follow on those voyages. If you choose wisely, you will have ship shape body; else, it will be like a leaking barrage.


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