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How to Control Hunger?     

People put on extra weight in the process of satisfying their hunger. Feeling hungry is natural and we eat to satisfy our hunger. But, it does not mean that one should continuously eat to satisfy their hunger. Some people feel hungry most of the times when compared to others. Such people put on weight easily and losing weight becomes a difficult task to them. Such people should know how to control their hunger so that they do not consume more than the adequate food. Even people who are planning to lose weight should know how to control hunger so as to prevent the intake of extra calories.

Why do we feel hungry?

Like any other machine even our body needs energy to work. This work may involve walking, eating, moving our body parts, digesting food, etc. Every single mechanism in the body needs energy. This energy is produced in the body by breaking down the food materials we are eat. When the food that we have consumed gets used up the energy level drops in the body. This is detected by the brain that sends special signals to the stomach and creates the feeling of hunger. This generally happens when the stomach is empty. Sometimes, people feel hungry even when their stomachs are full. This occurs when the body does not receive the necessary supplements. The mechanism of creating the feeling of hunger involves special messengers called neurotransmitters. The weight loss pills that are available in the market have chemicals that have capabilities to inhibit these neurotransmitters. This way the feeling of hunger is curbed. But these chemicals may cause side effects in the long run. So, it is always better to curb hunger in a natural way.

How to control hunger?

To help people few tips are mentioned below that help in controlling hunger.

Eat less but many times a day. Whether you eat once or many times, the total number of calories that you have consumed through out the day will only count. One can consume more calories in a single large meal than few small meals. So to curb the hunger consume 3 to 4 meals per day. But make sure that you won’t consume more than the adequate calories through these meals. Other than that one single large meal may result in an overflow effect. So, a number of small meals will prevent this overflow effect and at the same time will provide all the required nutrients by the body. This is also helpful in case of diabetic patients as this helps in maintaining the blood glucose levels in the body.

There is a famous saying which says that one should eat his breakfast like a king, his lunch as a miser and dinner as a pauper. This is a perfect mantra to remain healthy. Most of the people skip their breakfasts in a hurry to reach their workplaces. This is a very bad habit and also makes the person consume more through out the remaining day. The blood glucose level falls in the body and triggers the hunger feeling through out the day. So, one important and handy trick to control hunger is to have a good breakfast.

Vegetables have all the essential compounds that our body needs. They have more fiber and fewer calories in them. They have less fat and protein content which are found in the meat. So, eating fresh vegetables will supply you with all the essentialities and at same time curbs the hunger. Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and mushrooms are generally recommended.

Intake of fewer carbohydrates is also a good idea. Preferring whole grains will be helpful in providing the extra nutrients that get lost in the stripped grains. The high fiber content in the whole grains gives the feeling of satiety or fullness. This discourages the idea of consuming more food.

Eating slowly is also a good idea of curbing hunger. When people eat very fast they don’t realize how much they are eating because the brain takes its time to realize that the stomach is full.

Did you ever know that less sleep can also result in obesity? Yes, it’s a fact. People, who sleep less, gain more weight. So, sleep more to prevent this.

Prefer eating succulent vegetables and fruits. Even these give a feeling of fullness. Also drinks loads of water.


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