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Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon in which the therapist communicates sensibly with the person in a comfortable and relaxed state. It is by no means an easy and quick way to lose weight and cure obesity. It makes you learn to organize the food habits. These days, everyone wants to lose weight. Some use the conventional methods of eating right and exercising regularly. Others are too lazy to do that. Such people are looking for a magic cure to the obesity. This magic cure may be a pill, a diet plan, an exercise program or hypnosis.

Hypnosis is usually done by hypnotists on the stage. It is usually seen more as a trick. But experts distinguish stage hypnosis from clinical hypnosis. Stage hypnosis is used more as a means to entertain people while clinical hypnosis is used to treat mental and physical disorders. Hypnosis cannot make people do something they do not wish to do. Hypnotists are just a guiding force when a person is in different level of consciousness.

The main idea behind clinical hypnotherapy is to retrain the mind. This maybe done for getting rid of bad habits such as smoking, drinking or drugs or it may be to treat some emotional problems such as phobias, stress, pain or some bad memories.

Self Hypnosis- Self hypnosis can be a very strong tool in our hands to treat many disorders in our lives. Many of us suffer from some serious ailments or conditions in our lives. These could be obesity, some kind of addiction, biting nails, poor memory, phobias, poor concentration, attitude problems etc. Self diagnosis and hypnosis works at the subconscious level to control things in our lives which work automatically. A human brain works at both conscious and sub-conscious level simultaneously. There is a lot of information that our brain is exposed to through out the day using various senses. All this information affects us whether we realize it or not. When we are in a conscious state of mind, our brain decides everything related to our thoughts and actions. Hypnosis works by affecting the subconscious mind. These effects stay during the conscious state of mind as well. It is a great way to get rid of some of the habits that we are not proud of. Obesity is one such thing, and it is possible to lose weight using self hypnosis. It can affect your eating habits subconsciously and those changes will stay in your mind when you are eating your meals. You can program your subconscious mind in whatever way you want it to.

Eating too much and eating too fast are one of the two most common problems and most difficult to deal with. Hypnosis not only helps losing the old bad habits, it also helps you move forward and develop new habits that you want to have and follow. Hypnosis helps in weight loss and at the same time weight management.

Scientists agree that hypnosis is a deeprelaxation technique and during this state, the mind and thoughts can be altered by the therapist. Even during hypnosis, one cannot be forced to do something against their wishes. Hypnosis is not about being in the state of deep sleep. It is a state where subconscious mind is more dominant than the conscious state of mind.

The most common questions that you might ask is does hypnosis really work for weight reduction and will it work for you. Here, the important thing for you to do is open your mind to the combination of weight loss and hypnosis and consider it as one of the options. Hypnosis helps you in changing the way you eat and curb your desire to eat unhealthy foods. There are many things you know about your food habits and weight reductions. Hypnosis just helps you to by reminding you of the things that you are already aware of and reinforcing those ideas into your life. It thus becomes easier to lose weight as compared to other traditional methods which might have failed for you.

Whether hypnosis will work for you or not also depends on your frame of mind. Having a positive approach and trust definitely helps in the manifestation of your thoughts and desires.


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