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Laxatives and Weight Loss    

Laxatives and weight loss work on the premise that if you excrete what you have eaten, there is no way you can gain weight. In its most popular form, laxative for weight loss is available as Dieter's Tea. This is one popular weight loss product available in the market. Available in different avatars like Dieter’s Tea, Slim Tea etc., this product is essentially infused with ingredients that are laxative in nature. Seemingly effective in terms of weight loss; you must choose these products only after you have found out complete details about how these products work and how they effect you.

Dieter’s Tea works simply by increasing the bowel movement. However, most people take Dieter's tea with the notion that it is going to help flush out toxins from the body. Composed of natural herbs, Dieter's tea is essentially a laxative. Herbs used in it make your bowels irritable making you pass stool frequently. These ingredients are mostly plant based and include aloe, senna, rhubarb root, cascara, buckthorn and castor oil. Essentially, people use it to have a regular bowel movement to overcome the problem of constipation. People, who use it for weight loss, take it after meals so that body is not able to benefit from the ingested food.

How Laxatives Work

Main function of a laxative is to increase the bowel activity. Whatever food we take, is absorbed mostly in the large intestine. Laxatives target the large intestine and do not allow the food to be absorbed here. The food is passed from small intestine in "as is" state because no absorption takes place in small intestine. It is a known fact that if laxatives are taken regularly over a large period of time, they affect the absorption of the fats in the body. This leads to diarrhoea which in turn results in weight loss.

Although people resort to using laxatives in copious amounts quite regularly, this is done without realising the side effects of unchecked usage. In the simplest form, overdose of laxatives will result in damage to Gastro-Intestinal tract. Once this damage occurs, it is really difficult to repair. After this, loss of fat and essential minerals from body leads to weakening of bones.

When used in a regulated environment with complete control, laxatives have the desired effect. However, if you overdose in your enthusiasm to lose weight yesterday, side effects associated with laxatives can make you bed ridden for a long time. These side effects include nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, fainting, rectal bleeding, electrolyte disorder and dehydration.

Laxatives and Weight Loss in Women

Amongst people trying to lose weight, a large section of women prefer taking laxatives. Statistically, it has been shown that women are affected more than men when it comes to side effects of laxatives. Although there is no research to show if laxatives effect menstrual cycle and fertility directly, it is better to be on guard against such dangers. If women using these products report increasing menstrual cramps, it is reason enough to put a stop to laxatives. If you are pregnant, your doctor is most certainly going to advise you against any weight loss ventures involving laxatives.

Do Not Be Misguided By a Campaign

In most campaigns, you will not find these products being referred to as laxatives. Instead, they are given a catchy commercial name of bowel cleaning agents. Another gimmick used by marketers is throwing the ultimate mantra of low calorie value at you. Simplistically put, a laxative is just an agent that is meant to irritate bowels leading to passage of stool. How such products can provide calorie intake or any nutrition is beyond comprehension. You must be completely wary of campaigns that do not relate laxatives and weight loss correctly.

It is said that all is well that ends well. For everything to end well, you must plan your weight loss program in consultation with your physician. Laxatives and weight loss do exist on the same plane, but how to reach that plane is what has to be carefully planned. Any misguided attempt can be a serious obstacle in your healthy living so it is better to prepare fully for weight loss program that involves laxatives.


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