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Wellness industry is choke-a-block with weight loss gurus and institutes that offer overnight weight reduction. They promote their programs with before and after images; without informing about the time lag in those images. These programs are nothing but scams. Just like there is no get rich quick scheme, there is no get thin quick scheme either. These promotions are just a weigh (pun intended) to loosen your dollars from you.

Putting on fat is the easiest thing in the world unless you are genetically disposed with a great metabolism. As easy it is to gain fat, losing it is that much difficult. Best option is to avoid gaining weight and control diet in such a way that we can lose weight naturally.

More than your desire to lose weight, it is your perseverance and will power that will decide whether or not you can lose weight. Quite often people go on a diet plan and dump it mid way without realising its full benefits. It has been found that people, who dump their diets, actually go on a binge and body responds by adding double the amount you might have lost.

Myths about Weight Loss

Most people have this perception that weight loss is a difficult proposition. They would rather stay fat and invite diseases than go through rigors of weight loss programs. This is the best example of a myth. More than hard work, what you need is perseverance to stick to a plan if you want to lose weight naturally.

Checking your tummy everyday in the mirror after you start a weight loss program is not going to reduce it miraculously. Whatever program you choose, give it some time to work on your body. Achieving overnight results is impossible.

A number of people go to gym prior to a party. This is done with the belief that it is okay to binge after a short period in the gym. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Only if you exercise regularly, your body will respond.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

The only way you can lose weight naturally is by following a healthy diet plan, which is low in carbs, low in fat and high in fibre from vegetables and moderate proteins. It is always recommended to eat low fat because fat does not get digested the way the other food products like carbohydrates and proteins. Thus it is always advisable to have as low fat content in your diet as possible. Since fat is not broken down by the body, it accumulates faster and is quite difficult to get rid of. In addition, you must have a light exercise regimen that can help you burn extra calories.

In the market, a number of products are touted as fat free and cholesterol free. With these claims, there is always fine print that is not read by any buyer. Any food that claims to be fat free must be researched before you buy it. If you know some one who has been using the so called fat free food, ask him/her about its efficacy.

If possible, cut down on sugar intake. If you can't do without your dose of tea and coffee, have them without sugar. On an average a cup of tea a day does no harm, but if you have a habit of going in for a cup of tea at the drop of a hat, it is better to stick with sugar free version.

In order to lose weight naturally, all you need to do is watch what you eat. If it is low fat, high carb, full of fibre, balanced in calcium; you just need exercise regimen along with this and you will be on your way to fitness nirvana. Do not look for quick results. You are going to need a lot of patience and will power to stay the course of a diet plan. If you find going to gym a tough thing, stick to long and brisk walks. Take your music with you and go for a long walk; only do not consume sodas or ice-cream during this walk! These are simple yet effective solutions to lose weight naturally.


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