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A lot is made out of losing weight with a plethora of programs available that make weight loss sound like a degree in medical sciences. As a matter of fact, you do not need to complicate things by memorising names of proteins, carbs, fats and so on; instead, you can clearly lay out a strategy of what and how much you eat. Once you have this planned, you are on course to losing weight safely.

We are what we eat, and veracity of this statement can be checked by analysing eating habits of different people. People, who eat a lot of cheesy and greasy foods, have body shapes that are, well, cheesy and greasy. Apart from what you eat, you must decide, how much you eat. When you embark on a weight loss mission, suddenly reducing your food intake to very low levels can be disastrous. On an average, you must target reduction of one pound per week. Do not be swayed by claims of losing 20 kg in twenty days. This can be achieved only if fat is sucked out of your body.

Unplanned Dieting can Weaken You

When it comes to weight loss, dieting is the most preferred method employed by people. Although dieting helps, but how much to diet and what type of diet to take, is often neglected.

Concept of dieting is mainly associated with reducing your calorie intake. Your body needs a specific number of calories every day. Going below that level is dangerous and can lead to severe complications. Diet plan must cater for foods that provide you just sufficient calories to complete your day comfortably. Fat is always reluctant to leave your body and your body revels in the comfort of fat. It does not allow you to let go of fat easily. Due to this, you will feel cravings and your mind will tell you that you have suffered enough. This makes you go on a binge and negate all the hard work.

Common Misconceptions

If you visit a physician, you will find a chart that will tell you how much should you weigh as per your height. Modern science has evolved to convert this chart into BMI (Body Mass Index). You can easily calculate your BMI and see for yourself if you need to lose weight. Most people go on a diet just by listening to others’ views about themselves. Instead of getting bogged down by a colleague telling you how fat you look, calculate your BMI and decide if you need to lose weight. If you do need to lose weight, set a target and decide on a diet plan. As a rule of thumb, if you give up sugar products, butter and cheese products and cola products, you are on your way to losing weight safely.

Build Muscle, Shed Fat

For the simple function of lifting a pen from your table, your body uses close to 45 muscles. The more muscle you have, more fit and energetic you feel. Muscles work and they burn calories when they work, they burn calories even at rest. Fat, on the other hand, does not burn energy and is just an added weight in form of lumps. Lack of exercise and not eating properly will rob you of a lot of muscle and store a lot of fat. Thus it is necessary that you exercise and eat properly. You will not need a degree if you want to lose weight safely. Burn that fat by exercising and at the same time build more muscle.

Losing Weight Can Be Fun

Considering losing weight regimen to be a chore or a job thrust upon you can be most disconcerting to your aim. Unless you turn weight loss program into a fun and enjoyable everyday thing, you are going to feel bogged down and hate yourself for no reason at all. More than anything else, you have to set yourself some realistic goals. If you start with a goal of 10kg in a fortnight, you are being unrealistic and putting yourselves to danger. A reasonable target like a pound a week is easily achievable and does not require you to go in for drastic measures. Enjoy your program and lose weight safely.


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