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Take a look at yourself in the mirror; if you resemble a bowling pin, you quite obviously are overweight and unhealthy. Being unhealthy is a bonus tag you receive when you become overweight. Take out some of your college photos and compare them with your recent photos. Do you find a change? If yes, you need to act urgently to start resembling the person in your college photos. Once you have made up your mind that you are going to shed all extra pounds from your body, here is the very first dictum that you must remember like your birthday. Losing weight is not one day business. It will take a few months and a lot of perseverance from you if you are going to be the same old you.

The healthiest way to lose weight is not through crash diets and sudden bursts of exercise. Fat accumulates faster but burns very slowly. Your body, if subjected to very sudden changes in food habits and rest patterns; is going to react in a manner you wouldn't like. So it is better to take it slow. Plan your weight loss schedule and stick to it like a serious churchgoer.

Spend Accumulated Energy

Food is the only energy resource for your body. What you eat, is converted to energy so that you can be mobile. If you eat more and have lower activity levels, the excess food will be stored in form of fat. Over a period of time, this excess fat finds place in all the nooks and corners of body including your arteries and veins. The most effective way to strike a balance is to:

Reduce the amount of calories you eat

Increase your levels of activity.

If you hit upon a schedule where you exercise regularly but do not change your eating habits, you are more likely to lose weight than not. Even if you hate going to gym, take up regular 20 minutes brisk walks.

The key lies in hitting upon a schedule that you enjoy. If it feels burdensome and leaves you tired and sleepy, it is better to change it. You could take to jogging, swimming, racket sports, basket ball or simply treadmill. Here are a few tips for losing weight you can use everyday.

Stop being lazy and use weekends or holidays to get out of your couch.

Going to get grocery from your neighbourhood store? Walk there instead of using your car. This give you double benefit of increasing your activity level and saving on your fuel bill.

If your apartment is on 4th or 5th floor, use stairs instead of lift. Using stairs is an excellent calorie burner.

When commuting, get down a stop earlier than your designated one and walk home.

If you are addicted to watching TV, stretch or do static jog during commercial breaks. If you can invest in an exercise bicycle, do so and use it while watching TV.

Change Your Eating Habits

On an average, reduction of 300 to 500 calories per day in your intake should lead to a loss of between one and two pounds per week. It may seem slow, but at the end of year, you will find a significant change. You can do this by cutting down on fatty foods. Here are some tips to reduce your calorie intake.

You like fizzy colas and lemonades? They are nothing but storehouse of calories. Drink water instead.

Swap whole milk for semi-skimmed, or semi-skimmed for skimmed.

A simple diet plan would go like this, breakfast like king, lunch like soldier and supper like a pauper. In fact, intake of anything solid after 7 pm is considered counter-productive.

Forget about butter and cheese. Use fat free versions instead.

If you can't sustain without tea and coffee, have them without sugar.

second helping at dinner is a spoonful of fat to your midriff.

Cut out unhealthy treats such as confectionary, sugary biscuits and crisps between meals.

You have been following a lifestyle for a long time and will find altering it in a significant manner quite difficult. But it is better you do it now rather than weighting for an operation table to force you into these habits.


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