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Recent studies have shown that more people are getting overweight every year. This happens not only to adults but even to kids who have just started school.

There are many aspects which can affect your weight loss. And most people wish to lose the fat they have gained over the period of time in couple of weeks. You have your diet in place and you expect to follow it religiously. The thought process makes you to believe how much you can lose in a given week and whether rapid weight loss can be dangerous for your body.

Weight loss is linked with many factors that require consideration. For instance, genetics, or family history can play a significant role. Weight loss would also depend upon how much exercise you are engaging in, as well as the stress level the body can handle. The body metabolism also plays a role in burning those calories.

One of the noticeable trends seen in rapid weight loss is diet tablets, which are considered a faster remedy to lose weight quickly. Analysts predict that the cost to dieters, desperate to loose weight will reach 35 billion dollars a year in the United States alone. While the cost is rising, the increasing numbers of people are becoming obese. Salespeople advertising to as many as they can to try their product sell diet Plans that claim large amounts of weight loss in very little time. Dieters who are obese and are desperate to lose weight join these programs and take the products.

Everyone wants a quick weight loss cure, but there is no easy path. It does not matter what the product being exposed to you are trying to tell you, most of these products are great scam that will have collecting millions of dollars leaving the dieter with nothing.

In practice it has been found that a person can lose around 20 pounds of weight in a week, which most of it could be contributed to water weight loss. Which means if the diet is stopped it is easier to gain that much weight back. It is interesting to note that, at most, you can probably lose four pounds of fat in a given week.

The body has its own system to prevent weight loss, hence it has been seen that people are not able to lose weight after losing weight up to a certain level. Once the calorie count drops to a certain level, the body itself reduces the metabolic level to conserve energy. As a result you will require fewer calories to maintain the body weight.

Rapid weight loss comes with its own health related problems. For instance, fast weight loss has been linked to the appearance of gall stones. Also, people experience loose skin with excessive weight loss. The chances of gaining weight back are pretty high, as most people cannot maintain the diet plan for a long time, and the result is back to the usual craving of the old eating habits.

Rapid weight loss also results in greater risk for an eating disorder. The temptation to starve oneself, leading to anorexia is very common. Or, because the food cravings are so great, the final result is a case of bulimia. This is why it is so critically important to lose weight under a physician's care. Otherwise, people do more harm to their body than any good.

There are a number of approaches one can choose to lose weight. For instance, the Atkins plan, the Zone or the diabetic diet plans are available in addition to Sugar Busters or the Carb Addict’s prescription for losing weight. It is vitally important to accompany the chosen diet plan with an effective exercise routine. One of the easiest exercises which can be undertaken is walking. Is has been said that people lose as many as two pounds a week, just by walking alone.

As has been demonstrated here, rapid weight loss should be approached with caution. It is far better to lose a few pounds each week and maintain that weight loss over the long term. In essence, all good things take time, and that is particularly true when it comes to weight loss. Perhaps the best advice is to be patient. Follow a reasonable diet, get plenty of exercise, and drink a good amount of water. That way, it would result in slowly losing weight--without jeopardizing health in the process.


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