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Risks of Lap Band Surgery     

A majority of the people who are suffering from obesity are opting for surgeries these days. Though there are methods that involve less cost are available they do not give fast and effective results. Non invasive methods like popping of the weight loss pills, cardiac exercises, weight loss supplements, crash dieting can only show results up to 10%. People who are not happy with these methods and are very desperate to lose weight are going for several weight loss surgeries.

One such surgery that is preferred by various obese persons is the Lap band surgery. This surgery is found to be more efficient and less painful when compared to the other weight loss surgeries. This is also advantageous in many ways. But it also has few loop holes because of which it is considered to be risky. It is better to learn about the risks involved with the lap band surgery before going for it. Before knowing the risks involved with the lap band surgery, let us first know what this surgery all about is.

A lap band surgery is a surgery that is performed to minimize the food intake levels of the person. After this surgery, the person gets a feeling of fullness or satiety because of which he does not feel like having anything more. This way he can control his diet. This is brought by creating a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. This pouch will be of the volume 15cc. A lap band is used for this and hence this surgery is termed as lap band surgery. This lap band has a silicone belt that is used to form a pouch. It is held in position with the help of few sutures. This silicone belt is connected to a port with the help of a tube. This port helps in either inflating or deflating the belt. This way, the size of the pouch can be altered. This can be done with the help of a doctor even after the surgery. Saline is present in the connective tube. The belt can be adjusted accordingly by adjusting the saline levels in the tube. After the surgery, the food that is consumed enters the lower stomach part in a slow rate because of the belt. The upper part gets easily filled and gives the feeling of fullness. This way one can keep a check on their diet with this lap band. This band can be removed through a simple operation after the patient has reached his desired weight. This process is completely reversible and attracting a huge crowd because of its simplicity and efficiency.

What are the risks involved with this surgery?

Though lap band surgery is very efficient there are few risks involved that the patient should know before undergoing it. Few of the risks of a lap band surgery are given below.

This surgery may have complications like bleeding and infections like any other normal surgery.

As one starts losing weight because of the controlled diet, the band around the upper part may slip making the stomach to move further above the band. This may lead to vomiting or heart burns. To fix this another operation must be performed.

Sometimes, the band may erode into the stomach. This is very painful and may also cause a great deal of damage to the stomach.

Generally a laparoscopic surgery is preferred to place the band around the stomach. In rare cases, an open surgery is done because of few complications. An open surgery is very painful and takes lot of time to heal.

Sometimes, the saline may leak either from the belt or the connective tube or the port. Because of the leakage the belt gets loosened. This is messy and the entire apparatus has to be replaced. This is a double work which also involves duble costs. And above all there is no guarantee that the new apparatus does not leak.

In few cases, the stomach pouch gets enlarged and it accommodates more food than it was estimated. This may lead to the miscalculations of the diet.

In very rare cases, it was found that the outlet of the stomach got blocked. This may lead to severe complications as food does not enter the remaining gut organs and gets blocked.

The above are few of the risks involved with the lap band surgery.


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