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Tummy Fat     

Are you the one who is embarrassed because of your tummy fat? Then you are not alone. There are so many innumerable people who are facing this problem through out the world. Tummy fat is seen mostly in women and elder ones. People who have an apple shaped body have a tummy fat.

What are the reasons for a tummy fat?

There are many reasons that lead to tummy fat. Few of them are mentioned below.

One most common reason for tummy fat is excess eating and no exercising. Though this may not be the reason in every case, most of the people have tummy fat because of this.

Women start getting a tummy fat after the menopause starts. After reaching puberty, the body starts depositing fat. This is because of the change in the hormonal balances during this period. As a result, the fat also gets deposited near the tummy.

Another reason for tummy fat may be because of your body genetics. Basically, fat either gets deposited in the lower body regions like hips and butts or in the mid section. People having fat in their lower body parts will have a pear shaped body. And the others who have it in their mid sections will have an apple shaped body. People with apple shaped body are more likely to have a tummy fat. Either of the body shapes is solely because of your body genetics. If any one in your family line has a tummy fat then you are also more likely to develop it.

Today’ lifestyle spares most of us with very little energy by the end of the day. This stressful life also initiates the development of tummy fat. Under stress our body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone triggers liver to produce more and more sugar which gives the feeling of hunger. This makes the person eat more and as a result fat deposition occurs and tummy fat forms.

Another reason is improper digestion. This is also one of the effects of a stressful life. Improper digestion causes gas formation and leads to bloating effect. Both of these are seen in people who have a tummy fat.

Elder people have a very slow metabolic rate and because of which less calories are burnt. This results in the fat deposition process in the stomach region leading to a tummy fat.

Some people have a tummy fat because of a poor posture. So it is also necessary to have a right posture to prevent a tummy fat.

Many people have a habit of eating at late nights. This is a very bad habit and can easily result in a tummy fat. When one eats at late night and sleeps immediately, all the fat gets deposited in the mid region of the body in a higher probability. It is preferable to have a banana or say almonds at late hours if you are unable to curb your hunger.

How can I get rid of my tummy fat?

The best way of getting rid of the tummy fat is by doing cardiac exercises. You need not do complex level exercises. Even simple elementary exercises can help you in getting rid of this tummy fat. Few of the cardiac exercises are mentioned below.

Walking- It is the best cardiac exercise that any one can perform. To make it more interesting, take your dog for a walk everyday. If you do not have a dog, try walking in different routes everyday. This will not make the walk monotonous.

Swimming- This is one exercise that can shed the fat in no time. Swimming needs very high amount of calories. So, all the fat in the body is burnt up to provide these calories.

Playing sports- Sports also increase the metabolic rate in the body which helps in shedding the excess fat.

Golf- Professionals mainly prefer golf as it one way of socializing and interacting with the colleagues. Apart from this, this is also a good cardiac exercise.

Cycling- it is another cardiac exercise which is found to be very effective in burning the fat content.

If you prefer having a perfect abdominal region, you can shift to exercises like sit ups and crunches also.


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