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Weight and Mortality     

Now, it is a known fact that obesityrate is directly proportional to the mortality rate. Several studies have shown that a rise in the obesity rates in the past few decades have increased the mortality rates through out the world. A person’s weight also plays a crucial role in either increasing or decreasing his life span. Several studies have concluded that through out the world the second major reason for the deaths that are not accidental is obesity or over weight. Nearly 300,000 people are dying because of obesity or being over weight.

How does weight of a person play a role on his life span?

Intake of high calorie foods like burgers, diet cokes, fried foods and no physical activities are the main culprits for the increase of the obesity rates through out the world. The modern life style leaves people with no time to have their grub. In a hurry, people have what ever they find on their way or just rely on the packed foods. The busy schedules spare no time for the exercises too. As a result, the intake of the calories becomes greater than the ones that are spent. This will finally result in the weight gain. If it is still not checked it may also lead to obesity.

Several studies have shown that obesity kills a person in many ways. The fat cells that get deposited in the special cells of the body called adipocytes release several chemicals and hormones. These chemicals have less or almost no effect when they are present in minute quantities. But in case of obese people and the people who are over weight the number of fat cells that are deposited in the body are more. This results in a rise in the levels of the chemicals and hormones released by the fat cells in the body. When present in higher amounts these chemicals lead to several dreadful diseases. Few of the dreadful diseases which are the direct results of obesity are mentioned below.

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Gallbladder disease

All the diseases and conditions mentioned above are lethal and most of the times lead to death. Because of this obese people are ending up having fewer life spans than lean and average weighted people. Most of the studies have concluded that body mass index BMI plays a major role on mortality or death.

What incase of lean people?

Lean and average weighted people have less fat cell deposited in their bodies. These fat cells are the main culprits that trigger these diseases. Since the fat cell count is less in these persons, the release of the chemicals and hormones produced by the fat cells are also less in the body. This makes them less vulnerable to the diseases that are generally seen in case of obese people. Thus lean people are less vulnerable to face death. This is true when other conditions are not considered. Other harmful habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug addiction can make even lean people vulnerable to death. If weight is the only criterion then they are safe to a major extent.

What is the life expectancy of obese people?

A person who is moderately obese will have his life span reduced by 2 to 5 years. Men between the age group 20 to 30 with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of about 45 or greater than that will have their life span reduced by 13 years. Incase of women from the same age group and BMI will have their life span reduced by 8 years. The above are not the accurate figures. These are the approximate figures given after studying several people through out the world.

Most of the studies gave a conclusion that people with less BMI and average BMI have more life spans and are less vulnerable to the diseases than their counter parts. This shows that these groups of people show less mortality rate than the obese people. Whereas on the other hand obese people or people with high BMI like greater than 35 are more vulnerable to several diseases and have less life spans. This indicates that these people have more mortality rate. All these studies are made on single a criterion that is weight.


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