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The best way to lose weight is through cardiac exercises. One need not starve to lose weight and all the extra pounds gained can be easily shed off through these exercises. Methods like crash dieting, popping in pills and exercising without any guidance are proved to be risk oriented. So, it is safe to lose weight by burning those extra calories through cardiac exercises.

Running is the most widely preferred one among the cardiac exercises. It has proved to be an efficient way of burning the calories since decades. Running for about a mile can help in burning 100 calories. Losing weight through running is a bit slow process as sometimes may increase the person’s weight in the starting days. This is because the fat tissue gets converted into muscle tissues which weigh more than the fat. So, one need not panic with the weight gain and should continue running as weight starts dropping in the later stages.

To lose weight throughrunning, one must either increase the mileage or must increase the intensity of running.

Burning calories by increasing the mileage: One can burn more calories by increasing the mileage every day. Run for lesser distances in the starting and slowly start increasing the mileage. This way you can boost the burning of the calories and more fat can be shed off. This helps in loosing weight in less time. Running the same distance everyday may not give you better results. This does not mean that one should suddenly double the distance. To remain healthy and at the same time to lose weight, one should increase the mileage of about 10% a week.

Burning calories by increasing the mileage: The other way to boost up the burning of the calories is by increasing the intensity of running. It is very obvious that as you increase the intensity of running you start using more calories. So, this way you can enhance the burning of the calories. The beginners should start with lower intensities and should increase the pace daily.

So, one should either increase the intensity or the mileage to boost up the process of weight loss.

Runners also need to follow a certain diet to ensure that weight is lost. This diet helps in consuming fewer calories every day. It does not mean that you can eat how much ever you want and run half a mile or less a day. This way one cannot lose weight. To lose weight one should eat less and rum more, that is intake of calories should be less than the calories that are been shed off. This does not mean that one has to starve. Keeping a watch on the calorie intake and regular running is enough to achieve your goals of weight loss.

Runner’s diet should include the following items.

Almonds: Runners should make sure that they eat a handful of almonds daily. These nuts are a rich source of vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as an anti oxidant that is required by the body. Running makes the body to lose anti oxidants also. To make up the balance it is necessary to have almonds every day. Apart from this, almonds help in fighting cancer and also in reducing the levels of LDL that is bad cholesterol in the body.

Eggs: Eggs are the major sources of protein. They contain all the essential amino acids needed by the body. They also contain choline, leutin and omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary to remain healthy. So, having an egg as a part of the diet is very important.

Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are major sources of vitamin A. They have beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant which is required for the synthesis of Vitamin A in the body. They are also a good source of vitamin C, potassium, iron, and the two trace minerals manganese and copper.

Whole-Grain Cereal with Protein: These cereals are also good sources of protein. They supply all the essential amino acids needed by the body.

Oranges: These are good sources of vitamin C. They have got anti oxidants also that are required by the body.

Others foods like Salmon, Whole-Grain Bread, Chicken etc should be included in the diet.

Strict diet with low calories and regular running can help anyone to lose pounds.


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