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Losing weight has never been easy, and will never be. No matter which method of weight loss you choose, what will matter the most is the diet you take. While trying to lose weight, if you take care of the small things, the whole process becomes quite easy and achievable. These simple things are

Know what you eat- Every food has a food value. Some foods have high calorie content and some have low. Choose the foods that provide you a good nutrition along with fewer amounts of calories. Beware of the diets that promise quick weight loss as these can have negative long term effects.

Take control- Every ounce of weight we gain comes through what goes inside our mouths. Check each bite and enjoy it. Your stomach is not a dustbin. We have the choice of not eating everything that is served to us. Respect your body.

Eat more fruits and vegetables- These food items are low in calorie content. Hence you can consume as much as you want without gaining weight. They are the best means to avoid processed foods and also have lots of fiber.

Reduce sugar- Most of the processed foods contain loads of sugar. These foods are salad dressings, soups, butter, canned fruits, ketchup, and bread. As much as possible, avoid such foods.

Negative calorie foods- These foods consume more calories to be digested than the number of calories they contain. These foods results in more calorie burns than consumed and hence helps in reducing weight.

Fat free foods does not mean calorie free. When fat is removed from the foods, its flavor is lost. The sugar is then used to replace the lost flavor. When we eat such products, insulin level suddenly goes up. This makes us feel more hungry and tired. We then end up eating something with high sugar content. As a result, consume more and more sugar.

Eat slowly- When our stomach is full, the brain sends us the signal to stop eating. Eating slowly gives time to brain to think and react before we overstuff ourselves with all the unnecessary calories.

Eat more Fiber- Whenever possible, choose whole grain bread to white bread. Fiber rich foods help in keeping the sugar level in blood consistent. On the other hand, if we eat the foods that are made up of refined grains or foods that are rich in sugar, they immediately turn into blood sugar. This results in the increase in insulin level. The signal is sent to the body that enough energy is available. As a result, body stops burning fat and instead starts storing it.

Healthy preparation- Some foods are known to have loads of fat. The fat content in other foods also depends on the way they are cooked. When any food is deep fried, it contains lots of fat. This includes otherwise lean meats like chicken and fish. Same food, when prepared differently, contains different amount of calories. It is hence not only important to choose right and healthy foods, but also, prepare them with as less fat as possible. Be careful of salad dressings as well. They are very high in fat content. You can use yogurt or other sauces instead.

Fats can be classified as good fats and bad fats. It is important to avoid bad fats but at the same time, some types of fats are good and important for the body. They help in the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the body.

Slow and steady- Don’t shock your body and system by suddenly changing too much in terms of your diet or lifestyle. It is most important to identify your body needs and then select right kind of diet for you. You need some sugar and fat as well in your diet. Don’t eliminate them altogether.

The key to losing weight and maintaining it is the consistency and persistence. You know your body well. Listen to the cues given by it. Do not wait for something drastic to happen to bring a lifestyle change. Do it now. Your body needs right kind of food and good amount of exercise, everyday. Keep your body and mind active. And whatever diet and routine you follow, keep your expectations real and simple. Do not expect too much too soon. Do not give too much gap between meals. Eat small frequent meals and have a very healthy breakfast. Have a healthy start for a healthy day.


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