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Do You Need to Take Drugs That Cause Weight Loss?     


The world is facing a worrisome situation due a singular phenomenon called obesity. There is no age group that has been spared by this phenomenon. Leading to various disorders, obesity is the beginning of the end for many a people. To understand obesity, it is essential to know why it happens! There are many reasons including genetic, but the main reasons include changing lifestyles leading to overeating, lack of exercise and stressful environment leading to slower metabolism. Proliferation of junk food kiosks and a liking for them is another reason for obesity. People are saying no to traditional foods and opting for greasy and fatty foods instead. All those extra calories are not burnt off and they accumulate to turn you into a person you probably would not recognise yourself. People now days are opting for drugs that cause weight loss.

Finding an Appropriate Solution

In modern times, technology has advanced enough to offer you umpteen methods to lose weight. The first and foremost of course is a traditional method of exercising. Then you could opt for diet plans or even weight loss pills. You can buy off the shelf drugs that cause weight loss.

Most of people, however, due to their busy lifestyles, choose methods that are not time consuming and do not involve much effort. The easiest way for such people is through weight loss drugs that are available off the shelf. You can choose this method but it is better to have sufficient information before you embark on this course.

Weight Loss Drugs: A Background

The practice of prescribing drugs for weight loss started as early as 1950's till late 90's. These prescription drugs mainly consisted chemicals that increased serotonin levels indicating to brain that stomach is full. Appetite loss due to these drugs was the chief reason why people were able to loose weight. This method was successful for some, whereas for others it spelt trouble.

A large number of studies were carried out to study the effects caused by these drugs on a wide section of population. It was discovered that these drugs were causing side effects related to heart problems and digestive tract problems. Due to these studies, these drugs were taken off the shelf.

With time and research, new and better drugs were found for weight loss. These medicines still need to be taken after prescription. There have been encouraging results, but FDA approval has still not been granted to these drugs. However, a number of people who opted for diet pills have happily reported about their weight loss without following any diet plan.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are over the counter diet pills available today. It is advisable to take them after prescription, as a doctor would be able to advise you whether your body is fit enough to take these pills. People who have taken these pills without proper analysis have been known to report acute cases of diarrhoea, vomiting, urinary tract problems, breathing problems and digestive problems. In extreme cases, there have been instances of heart strokes also. If you happen to take an overdose, you are very like to suffer from tremors, confusion, shallow breathing, hallucinations, renal failure, heart attack and convulsions. Due to these reasons alone, it is highly advisable to take these drugs only after they have been prescribed by your doctor post thorough check-up.

The nature of side effects varies from person to person. An obese, yet healthy person with sound digestion, blood circulation and strong heart is less likely to feel the side effects as compared to a person with hectic lifestyle, irregular eating hours and stressful life. Allow your doctor to reach a decision as to at what level you can indulge in drugs that cause weight loss.

If you have not consulted a doctor and started taking these pills, you must watch out for any symptoms of side effects. If you are experiencing mood swings, hyperactivity, stomach cramps, insomnia, nightmares, severe irritability, fatigue, depression, nausea, vomiting and trembling, immediately put a stop to these drugs and see a doctor.

One must remember that these pills do not work on their own. If you want to enjoy full benefits of these drugs, you have to take care of your diet and exercise as well. These will help your body to adjust to changes in a gradual manner.


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