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Weight Loss Lap Band Surgery     

Obesity affects a person both mentally and physically. Apart from leading to several dreadful conditions like heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., it also causes mental trauma in a person. Reasons for obesity are many. It may be because of over eating, unhealthy life styles, hereditary or many because of any underlying diseases. There are many ways by which obesity can be cured. The most followed ones are popping of weight loss supplements and pills, doing cardiac exercises, taking healthy foods with fewer calories. There are also surgeries that can be preformed to remove excess fat from the body. One such surgery is Weight Loss Lap Band Surgery. This surgery helps in altering the size of the stomach so that the intake levels of the food can be controlled. This is a proved to be successful in many cases and many people who are suffering from obesity are keen on undergoing this surgery.

How is Weight Loss Lap Band Surgery performed?

Lap band surgery for weight loss is a painless surgery that includes usage of a lap band to reduce the size of the upper part of the stomach. This lap band is made up of silicone belt and a port. This band can be adjusted even after the surgery and is also approved by FDA. The silicone belt is placed in the stomach and the port is used to adjust the size of the belt which in turn adjusts the size of the stomach. The sole aim of this surgery is to create a feeling of fullness or satiety in a person which discourages him from eating further.

This surgery is performed in the following steps.

The patient is given a general anesthesia which would work for a bout an hour or two.

Then incisions are made and the silicone belt of the lap band is fixed on the upper part of the stomach with the help of few sutures. This creates a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. This pouch will be generally of volume 15cc.

The port is then placed underneath the skin of the abdomen. The port and the belt are connected with the help of a narrow tube. The size of the belt can be adjusted by introducing saline into the port. These adjustments can be made even after the surgery.

The Lap band surgery for weight loss would last for about an hour. Patients need not stay longer in the hospital after the surgery.

What are the advantages of this surgery?

The main advantages of this lap band surgery for weight loss are described below.

This surgery involves no cutting or tearing of the stomach.

Stomach is not stapled in this case.

The pain experienced after the surgery is also very less.

The size of the stoma can be decided and accordingly the band is placed.

The size can be adjusted even after the surgery with the help of the port that is placed underneath the skin of the abdomen.

Involves less sutures and a laparoscopic camera is used to view the entire process.

The lap band can be removed easily by performing a small laparoscopic surgery after the goals of the patient are reached.

Does not take much time. Is generally completed with in an hour.

Patient need not stay in the hospital for a longer duration. He can leave after the surgery or may have to stay for an overnight.

Who all can undergo this surgery?

Lap band surgery for weight loss is basically designed for the people who are suffering from obesity. The criteria for this surgery are same as that of any surgery performed for weight loss.

Why should one chooseLap band surgery for weight loss instead of other surgeries?

Lap band surgery for weight loss is proved to be safe in every way. It also has shown desirable results among the patients. All the patients who have under gone this surgery could control their food intake easily. Most of them lost oodles of weight because of their controlled diets. As no stapling and cutting of stomach is involved, people find it less painful. Very less damage is done to the stomach through this surgery when compared with other surgeries.


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