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Weight Loss Patch     

Weight loss patches are the revolutionary cutting edge advanced technology that suppresses the appetite and boosts metabolism. These diet patches deliver the ingredients through the skin transdermally. Most of the weight loss patches use the following ingredients;-

Guarana- This is an antioxidant and is a stimulant with mild fat burning or thermogenic properties.

Chromium- It is used to treat various metabolic malfunctions in the body. It can regulate insulin function and balance the level of blood sugar. This in turn reduces the craving for sweets and other fatty snacks.

Garcinia camogia- It inhibits the action of enzyme called citrate lyase and prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

Fucus vesiculosus or seaweed- This seaweed has high concentration of Iodine which is used by thyroid gland to make various hormones. When thyroid does not function well, it can lead to lower energy levels or obesity. This iodine in seaweed is useful only if your excess weight is because of thyroid problem and not because of any other reason. It also reduces blood sugar level which reduces cravings.

Various types of patches available in the market are:-

  • DynaSlim Diet patch
  • Premium Diet Patch
  • DermaLoss Topical weight loss Patch
  • Premium Diet Patch
  • Apple Patch
  • Hoodia patch
  • ForsLean  
  • ShapePatch-

One of the most striking features of weight loss patches is that they are absolutely natural. This does not involve any chemicals and harmful side effects. Weight loss surgeries are invasive way of losing weight, but these patches are absolutely non invasive.

There are many other ways of losing weight such as fad diets, pills, supplements etc. The weight loss patch however in more convenient to use. All you need to do is apply the patch and forget about it. You just need to change it from time to time.

As these patches stick to the body, they provide continuous supply of the agents that help to fight fat through out the day. Applying these patches is very simple as well. What you need to do it’s to choose the patch of a skin that does not have much hair. Most of these weight loss patches need to be applied to the upper body such as back, shoulders or upper arm. Once you decide on the body part, just remove the patch from the pack and gently place it on your body.

Losing weight by using weight loss patches is not a standalone process. There are other things that must be a part of your life to be able to make these patches effective in weight loss. Most important of these are taking a healthy diet and getting enough physical exercise. These must be a routine to get the desired results. Also, once you stop using weight loss patch, a healthy lifestyle will help you keep those pounds at bay.

A healthy lifestyle includes eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, eating whole wheat products, limiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages and aerated drinks, drinking plenty of water etc. Combining a healthy lifestyle with the weight loss patches will help you lose 2-4 pounds per week. This is the ideal weight loss as losing the weight slowly increases the chances of keeping it off in the long run. 

The idea of using a patch for weight loss can be quite appealing. You just put a patch over the area of a body for a few days and forget that you are dieting. But, unfortunately, as advertised by the manufacturers, it does not have all the ingredients essential for weight loss. There are other means of weight loss that can be more effective. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly is one of the best options. Patches have not proved to be most effective way of losing weight in the past.

Be careful if you are taking any kind of medication while using the weight loss patch. Not enough study has been done on how these patches react with other medications or supplements.

It is best to talk to your physician prior to starting using these patches. One of the key ingredients in these patches is iodine. Stay away from weight loss patches if you are allergic to iodine found in seaweed. These patches are also not safe if you are pregnant or lactating.

Whenever using weight loss patch, it is very important to follow all the instructions very carefully. In case you feel any kind of side effect from using them, you must discontinue immediately and talk to your physician about it.


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