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Obesity has become an epidemic. It is spreading and spreading fast. Most of the people in developed nations are becoming victims to it. Obesity is not a stand alone problem. It affects the entire physical and emotional well being of a person.

According to a survey conducted by Federal Trade Commission, estimated 4.8 million Americans bought bogus weight loss products in 2004 making it the highest rated scam.

Weight loss pills can be natural or may contain synthetic chemicals. If you have decided to go for pills, try to go for natural ones as chemicals may cause serious and unhealthy side effects.

Everyone wants to feel good about them. As more and more people are suffering from weight problems, market is being flooded with the products that offer any kind of weight loss system. Weight loss pills are one of these products that are favored by many. Weight loss pills are being sold in drug stores, heath food stores and supermarkets. These are also available online.

Most of these pills work by

  • Suppressing the appetite.
  • Blocking the absorption of dietary fat
  • Increasing calorie and fat metabolism
  • Reducing body fat and building muscle

Some of the pills that are available in the market are

Proactol- It is 100% natural and organic. It is based on NeOpuntia made from dehydrated leaves of Opuntia fiscusindica. It builds a gel around the fat content of the body. This fat content hence becomes too large to be absorbed by the body and so is passed out naturally

HoodiaRush- It reduces appetite and cravings.



Venom Diet pills- It is a fat burner that works well for men as well as women

Keto-Dhea- It is effective in boosting metabolic rate and lose fat.

Slim Quick- These are designed only for women.

Xenical- It is a fat blocker and prevents fat from being absorbed in the body.

Meridia- It reduces hunger by controlling the center of appetite.

Phentermine- It reduces hunger and the hunger pangs.

Weight loss pills are not magic pills. In addition to taking these pills, you must do some cardiovascular exercise and eat a healthy diet. There is nothing better than losing weight that way. These dietary supplements and pills do not go through the rigorous testing procedure as done for others over the counter medications or drugs. The manufacturer may make claims based on their own research and surveys, without the authentication of FDA. These pills might aid in losing weight, but they must be taken continuously for that weight to stay off and might have some serious long term side effects.

These pills contain many ingredients, mixed together. The interaction of these ingredients with each other is largely unknown. Some of these ingredients may cause diarrhea, indigestion, gastrointestinal problems, blood pressure, sleeplessness, stroke, seizures, vomiting, bloating, flatulence, intestinal obstruction etc.

They might also intervene with other medications you might be taking. Hence, you must be always careful before you decide to start taking those pills as a means of losing weight. Know all the side effects and talk to few people who have taken these pills and find out how effective they have been. Safety is a major concern as most of these pills have been proven downright dangerous.

As far as possible, use the pills that have been proven medically safe to use. Make sure of its effectiveness and safety.

It is also a good idea if you use the pills by the company that offer money back guarantee. You can use the pills for a while and find out if the pills work for you. If they don’t, you can always ask for the refund.

There may be some pills in the market that can cost you a fortune and actually do nothing. They may even have serious side effects. Just beware of such products. Choose the pills that have worked for few people and they have got satisfactory results.

One also has to be aware that these pills do not work for everyone. The results vary from individual to individual. Even if they help, they enhance weight loss by 8-10% only. These pills must be a part of total lifestyle including exercise and diet. Before deciding to use pills as means of reducing weight, go for other natural methods. Use pills if you don’t get the results by other means of losing weight.


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