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Once you start following a diet program, sometimes you hit a flat in the weight loss curve. All your efforts to reduce weight seem to bring no or meagre results. For such situations, weight loss products can bring immediate improvement in the complete program.

A number of products do offer fast results but buying them without a proper research is not recommended. It is important to know constituents of these weight loss products and verify if they are suitable for you. Statistics reveal that approximately 50 million people in United States are trying to lose weight and out of these about five percent only have reported success. This clearly reveals that accurate weight loss products do not reach a vast segment of people trying to lose weight.

A Plethora of Weight Loss Products

Once you start a weight loss program, you ought to know about variety of weight loss products available in the market. A few of them are mentioned below. You must choose one according to your requirements and biological condition.

Weight Loss Earrings are expected to provide benefits of acupuncture by suppressing appetite.

Some manufacturers tried to peddle sunglasses for weight loss. This was a bunkum and not effective at all.

Using weight loss products with Guar gum as ingredient will cause digestive system troubles.

Magnetic Diet Pills are sold with a catch line that will flush out fat, actually they do not.

Diet Patch was expected to work like nicotine patch but was ineffective and was withdrawn since 1990s by FDA.

Electrical Muscle Stimulators are found in gyms but are not known to reduce weight.

Then there are various diet drinks that claim to be meal replacements.

Diet pills can work in conjunction with a diet plan and regular exercise alone. Taking singly, they lead to blood pressure problems.

Other than these, you can opt for a range of weight loss products and programs available in the market.

Herbalife Nutritional Program- Consisting of shakes and the dieters this program is good for people who are dieting

Mega-Thin 100 Formula. Ingredients in this formulation cut the fat and double as appetite suppressant.

Nestlé’s Sweet Success- Recommended as three times a day dosage, this product has to be continued throughout weight loss program. Stopping intake will lead to weight gain.

Ultra Slim Fast- Steeped in regular exercise, this program expects you to burn your calories off by exercising. Main drawback of this program is that it does not give a well laid out eating plan.

Products Containing Chitosan- Fibres extracted from shell fish form the main ingredient of this product. There is a downside to this product that it can cause diarrhoea, bloating and gas. It is efficient only if taken with low fat foods.

Chromium Supplement Products- Using chromium as main ingredient, these products claim to lower blood sugar, body fat and cholesterol. They do have side effects in terms of anaemia and even memory loss. Statistics show them to be effective only in a minimal manner.

Containing Green Tea Extract Products- Promotion line used for these products claims that they contain anti – oxidants which can lower your blood cholesterol thereby promoting weight loss. Excess of these products can bring on effects of caffeine and tannin leading to insomnia and restlessness.

Algae Tablets- Derived from algae extracts, these products have healthy nutrients; however, these products are quite expensive.

St. John's Wort Supplement. This product is claimed to be an appetite suppressing agent and thus leading to weight loss. However, there side effects associated with this product and they range from gastrointestinal disorder to discomfort, restlessness and even allergic reactions.

In a weight loss program, there are no short cuts. Although a good program assisted with weight loss products will help you reach your goal, but if you expect it to be a short term effort, you must not invest time and money in it. Prior to starting a weight loss program, make up your mind that you are going to see it through. Your first motivation is going to be tightening belt of your trouser a notch more than you used to. Set an aim, collect all information you can, consult your physician and set about this task which is highly achievable.


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