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Everyone loves a freebie, especially if it is something that can reduce your weight as well. It is true that you really need not invest monetarily in a weight loss program. You can benefit from already existing programs by following their guidelines. The best thing is that all these can be categorised as free weight loss programs. All you need is a little knowledge, which we will provide you in this article and willingness to go through any of these programs. Many people want to try many of these programs simultaneously. This can be counter productive. So it is better to choose a program and stick with it. Continue it till you see results for yourselves. This alone can make you believe in the miracle of free weight loss programs.

Diet Plans That Double As Free Weight Loss Programs

Atkins Diet by Dr. Atkins.

As the name suggests, this is a Diet program designed by Dr Atkins. It focuses on take high protein diet and lower carbohydrate intake. It is permitted to have vegetables and meat, but not bread and pasta. If any individuals want to intake take fat, it is important it according to the dietary recommendations. Downside of this diet is that it lacks in fibre, calcium, grains and fruits.

Dr. Heller’s Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet

Specifically designed for people who eat lots of carbohydrates, this diet plan focuses on low carbohydrate. All carbohydrate sources are permitted for consumption including meat, fruits, vegetables and grain products. Following the plan for amount of carbohydrate intake in a day is essential if you do not want extra fat depositions.

Dr. Goor’s Diet Plan

In this plan, diet is planned on a budget. Your intake of fats or carbohydrates depends upon amount laid down in the budget. Carbohydrate intake is not banned one is allowed to eat meat and poultry, as well as low fat dairy products. Seafood, vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread and pasta find acceptance in this plan.

The DASH Diet

Designed to allow moderate intakes of fat, protein and high carbohydrate, this plan is meant for people suffering from high blood pressure. This diet plan resembles a pyramid and contains moderate amounts of fat and protein intake yet high on carbs. This diet plan supports high intake of whole wheat grains along with fruits and vegetables as well as low fat dairy.

Diet Program by Dr. Ornish

It is a very basic vegetarian and strictly low fat diet. Low in calcium, it restricts the consumption of seafood and lean poultry. Followers must ensure that they buy only low fat foods.

Eat Right for Your Type

This diet plan is based on your blood type. However, it has been found that some plans for certain types are nutritionally imbalanced. Further there is no data to suggest that blood type affects the dietary needs.

The Pritkin Principle

Designed with lowering calories density intake, this diet suggests foods that contain water and that make the individual feel full. You can eat vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, pasta, soups, salads and low fat dairy. The protein source however, is limited to lean meat, sea food and poultry. You are also permitted to intake low amounts of saturated fats along with good helpings of vegetables and fruits. The drawback of this diet plan is that this diet is low in calcium and does not provide you with sufficient protein.


A low density calorie diet, this diet plan recommends same foods as the Pritkin diet. Foods that are dry or fatty such as popcorn, pretzels and crackers are prohibited. This is a healthy plan as it allows a good amount of fruits, vegetables, as well as low density and low calorie saturated fats.

The Zone

Low in carbs and moderately high in proteins is how one can describe this diet plan. This diet encourages low fat protein foods, which are fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits and grains. Since it concentrates on carbs and proteins, grains and calcium intake is totally neglected.

Weight Watchers

This plan has been designed for you to have high carbohydrates, but moderate fats and proteins. This plan can be denoted as healthy as well as flexible as it allows you to plan your own meal and does not give a set plan for them to follow.

These were some of the free weight loss programs.


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