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It is the most common New Year resolution for most of us. We are ready to lose those extra pounds, and resolve to do it every year. Year after year, we keep adding to those pounds and weight just adds up. We start out strong, but gradually, the enthusiasm dies down. To make your weight loss plan a success and achieve the desired weight loss, here are a few tips-

Define Goal- Defining a goal simply means that be specific about your achievements. Specify the amount of weight you want to lose and specify the time limit. Give yourself a deadline. Be very specific and make yourself accountable. It is like when you work in the office and you are working on a particular assignment. There is a deadline for the report to be submitted and in a particular format. You follow that and tend to stick to the schedule. It should be same for your weight loss program.

Maintain a diary and write your goal- The goals can be short term goals or long term goals. When trying to lose weight, focus more on short term goals. Write them down so that you are reminded of it everyday. Make goals for a day, week, month and so on. Start from short term goals and gradually move to long term goals. Writing down your goals everyday reminds you that you need to do something everyday and gradually move towards your goal of achieving weight loss.

Maintain a food diary- It helps if you write down each and everything that goes down your throat. It does not have to be a formal journal. What is important that you should realize at the end of the day how much you eat and how many calories you consume. It makes you aware and conscious of the food you eat. So, next time you want to reach for second or third serving, you will think twice as you will have to write it down. It is possible to lose weight just by maintaining a food journal. It makes you conscious and keeps you on the track.

Eat more fiber- It provides you lot of volume and less calories. Gives you the feeling of being full for a longer time.

Eat more vegetables and fruits- It is important to choose all the colors of fruits and vegetables as they provide vast array of phytochemicals. If you are not used to eating them, introduce them gradually and make them the integral part of your diet everyday.

Be persistent- Don't make an excuse. Your life and health is most important for you. Sooner you realize this, better for you. Losing the extra pounds and maintaining a healthy life style that includes eating healthy food and doing regular exercise is the best gift you can give to yourself. So, don't budge, come whatever may. Make a place for exercise in your daily routine. It is as important as any other daily chores you do. It is best if you decide to do the exercise first thing in the morning.

Right exercise- it is not only important to exercise, it is also equally important to choose right kind of exercise to achieve weight loss. Try to exercise all the parts of the body. Do the cardio for a healthy heart. Lift weights for strength training.

Just do it- If you cannot spare half an hour, just split your exercise routine in the chunks of 10 minutes each. There are tools available to lose weight, but the motivation to use them and achieve weight loss comes from within.

Do it now- This is one of the most difficult things to do. It is just too convenient to keep postponing your weight loss plan. You must understand that no one else can or will do it for you. Get started, as soon as you can.

Combination- If you combine a low calorie diet and the increased physical activity, it gives better results as compared to when any of these is done alone.

Keeping expectations real- It took few years for you to gain all those pounds. Do not expect to get rid of them fast. It is reasonable to lose 2 pounds in a week. Set the goals for yourself that are realistic. Keep in mind your age, routine or any other medical condition you might be suffering from.


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