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Yoga is a group of ancient spiritual practices originating in India . There are numerous opinions on what the goal of Yoga may be. Goals can range from improving health and fitness, to reaching Moksha or liberation. There are many different types of yoga - some strenuous and others that are much more gentle. Strenuous forms of yoga would assist in weight loss as would other forms of strenuous activity. The other aspect of yoga that may assist in weight management is the meditation component. A common theme across all yoga forms is meditation, which can assist people to relax. Some people overeat in response to stressful situations, so having alternate outlets to manage this stress may remove the focus away from food and indirectly assist in weight management.

Though the benefits of Yoga are many, the best one can benefit is from the weight loss perspective. It’s highly beneficial for those who are primarily focused for weight loss. The slow and steady poses which require slow breathing in every posture builds up heat and potentially cause calorie deduction. This could even replace other highly strenuous exercises like walking, biking or running.

For Yoga to be more effective the first and foremost thing is to control diet. Junk food should be totally avoided and the food should be fresh and less spicy. We should avoid food containing high fat such as – noodles, pizza, bread, biscuits, pastries, burgers, tea, coffee, alcohol etc. Egg should be completely avoided in Yoga practice. Salt and Sugar should be consumed as less as possible.

It is advisable to start the Yoga session (Asana) empty stomach or having a gap of 3 hours before beginning. This is essential because the food acts as a barrier towards the formulation of Asana thereby negating the cause.

Yoga asanas, or postures strengthen and stretch your muscles, toning the whole body. They also help to tone every tissue, ligament, joint and nerve. Yoga helps to align and correct the posture so that you move with confidence and grace. The regular practice of stretching, twisting, bending and inverting the body squeezes the internal organs, cleansing the body of impurities including the build-up of excess fat.

To perform Yoga we should be wearing right attire, which is comfortable and stretchable to perform the techniques easily. Never begin on a difficult technique and it is easier to start with very light asana to keep the flexibility. Starting on a strenuous note can empower muscle pulls or cramps.

Yoga breathing exercises, also known as Pranayama, are an important part of a developing yoga practice. Of the many wonderful pranayamas that Yoga gives us, Kapalbhati (aka Kapal Bhati) is famous form of breathing exercises.  It is not at all complicated to do and yet, when done even for a short time consistently, its benefits are undeniable. It is one of the best forms of breathing exercise which has numerous benefits apart from weight loss. Practiced over time, Kapalbhati Pranayama also helps reduce abdominal fat, fight obesity, tone abdominal muscles and bestow core abdominal strength and power. If there was only one pranayama that you elected to do, Kapalbhati might well be the one to pick - it’s that good!

There are many such techniques that can be performed and are documented in various formats that would assist in weight loss. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible and helps to improve the overall function of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. Yoga assists us in releasing mental stress bringing clarity and peace of mind.

Losing weight is not just about doing some physical exercise and eating right. It is a process of deeply looking at your life, your work, your relationships, your internal and external environments and clearly seeing if these things are weighing you down or uplifting and fulfilling you.

With great faith and confidence in ones vision to be healthy is to lose weight. Keep moving and keep breathing and you will be renewed and what is not needed will be dissolved and renewed again. Yoga reminds you that you know who you are and you know how to take care of yourself. The answers are within you, waiting for you to look inside.

Yoga helps you get clear about who you are, what doesn't work, what does work and gives you the tools to remember your true nature of self-love, respect and acceptance, the keys to losing weight.


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